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1985 Adelsheim Merlot Layne Vineyard Willamette Valley

Vintage: 1985
Producer: Adelsheim - Web Site - Search for Adelsheim
Varietal: Merlot
Vineyard: Layne Vineyard
Country: USA
Region: Oregon
Sub-Region: Willamette Valley
Type: Red Wine
UWID: 3b5c4eae-45e2-102c-9f35-9827fa6f3de3

About Adelsheim

Established in 1971, our family-owned and operated winery and estate vineyards are located on the Chehalem Mountains in Oregon's northern Willamette Valley. Company co-founder, David Adelsheim leads a current generation of passionate staff devoted to producing and selling wines of ever-higher quality with each growing season. We use sustainable farming practices and take great care to bring out the best in each of our unique vineyard sites. In the winery, we combine traditional and modern techniques, crafting wines in a style that centers on elegance, complexity, and richness in flavor and texture.

Visit the Adelsheim web site.

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Merlot has become hugely popular in the US as a wine of its own, though traditionally, it has been used for blending with other grapes to shape the character of a wine. This is a friendly wine to everyone's palate, even a newcomer to the wine scene. It can offer up some rich berry, honey, or mint, and is not as tannic as a Cabernet Sauvignon.