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How to Share Your Wine Experience

It's easy to share your wine experience! It's a quick 2-step process.

Find Your Wine

Start by entering anything from the wine label into the search form. You can use the search form that is found at the right side of most pages, or you can come here and use this one.

Vinester's wine list contains over 1,000,000 different wines and it's growing daily. There's a good chance you'll find yours in there somewhere.

We will let you add new wines when you can't find your wine by searching, but this feature is not yet available during the Vinester Open Beta.

Share Your Wine Experience

On a wine's page you'll see a button that lets you share your wine experience. Clicking it will bring up a page that has a place to enter anything you would like to say about that wine.

Fill in the form, click save, and you're done! Congratulations, you just shared a wine experience!

It will appear in the Vine Activity section of your friends' profile page when they sign in. It will also appear on various pages throughout the site where we show a list of the latest wine experiences.

Sharing on Facebook and Twitter

Don't forget, you can also send your wine experience to Facebook or Twitter so your other friends and followers can read it, too! Details will be on the wine experience form.

Share Your Wine Experience

Ready to share a wine experience? Start by finding your wine in our wine list of over 1,000,000 wines.

Example: 1991 Silver Oak