Vinester is new! Find out more about the Vinester Open Beta on our Open Beta page

The Vinester Open Beta is here!

We couldn't have done this without your awesome ideas and feedback. You helped us define and improve the features that make Vinester what is is today - so keep making it better by voicing what you want!

This is only the beginning, and the Open Beta gives us a chance to fix stuff before our official launch. Is something not working right? Is there something you like or something you'd like to improve? Let us know.

During the Open Beta, you can create a profile, search for wines, record and share your Wine Experiences with others, make new friends, and lots more.

Remember to check back often. We'll be updating you on stuff, like when you can upload bottle and label photos, or when you can search for articles. Let us know what you think about Vinester.

What You Can Expect

Things are going to break. The Open Beta will help us find those weak points and fix them.

Features are missing. For now we have the very basic set of features: You can sign up and record Wine Experiences. During the Open Beta we'll be adding more and more features as we can. Be sure to check out our Feature Roadmap to see what's coming up next!

The Look & Feel is going to change. We're still playing around with the look and feel of the site. We like the way it looks now, but we're improving the visual design and the user experience. The white/brown/green theme that you see today is going away. The next change will be quite different than the way it looks now and we hope it will look much better & be easier to use!

P.S. Check out our Known Issues List (for updates on those tricky bugs) and don't forget to Report a Bug if you see something not working. You can use the orange "Leave Feedback" button at the right edge of any page to do this.

Latest News

4/20/2011 - Our new look!
Along with our new branding, we've been working on the site's user experience. The technology behind the scenes at Vinester is in excellent shape but we weren't satisfied with the way things looked and worked on the front end on the old site.

Welcome to the new Vinester! We hope things will be a lot easier to use now. Let us know what you think!

4/7/2011 - Bug Fixes and More!
It's been a busy 2 days since the Open Beta was announced. We're working on fixing minor bugs around the site, adding new user features, and updating our logo. Lots of stuff coming up!

You can add and remove friends now! Glad that one is fixed...

We updated your profile page to be a bit more user friendly. Let us know what you think.

There is a new section on the home page that shows people who are new to Vinester. Please check them out and make them feel welcomed by adding them as your friends!

We'd like to throw a shout out to Craig Brazeal for posting his first article on Vinester! Way to go, Craig!

Beta Resources

We're using Idea Informer to manage our beta feedback and current issues. You can use the orange button at the right edge of any page to see or submit:

  • Known Issues & Bugs
  • Ideas for New Features
  • Questions

You can also email us with any beta questions or comments:

Be sure to check these often so we can let you know what's new!