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Cooking With Red and White Wines

A lot of people don't know the first thing about buying wine, let alone cooking with wine. We go into the liquor store and choose whatever is on sale or we grab any name that sounds even remotely familiar. You don't have to be a wine expert though to cook with wine. With just a few helpful tips,...
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February 11, 2011

Finding Variety in Wine by Exploring the South of France

France is home to some of the most famous wine regions of the world, names we are all familiar with; Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne and Alsace to name a few. But there are many other areas, especially across the south, whose fame has faded for a number of reasons ranging from trade to changing...
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February 11, 2011

The Sonoma Wine Region

North of San Francisco in California are the famous American Viticultural Areas (AVA) of Mendocino, Sonoma and Napa. Sonoma is the original home of fine wine in California, though in the last 4 decades it has been overshadowed by its smaller eastern neighbour, Napa Valley. One of the major...
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February 10, 2011

How to Read a Wine Label

There are many who would like to start drinking wine with their dinner every night, but know so little about what kinds they will enjoy and how to read a wine label that they never end up being able to pick it up. Sometimes getting the wrong wine can throw off your perception of it and it is hard...
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February 10, 2011

How Long To Age Wine

Recently a friend of mine told me that she was giving me a bottle of a 1998 Sancerre, I was concerned that as a Sauvignon Blanc it would be well past its prime. It turned out to be a Sancerre Rouge, which is made from Pinot Noir, which was encouraging, but sadly the wine was still past its best...
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February 09, 2011

Napa Valley Wine Region

The Napa Valley has gained mythic proportions for wine production in the US, but it is surprising to note that Napa only produces about 5% of the wine made in California - the valley is only 5 kilometres (3 miles) wide and 48 kilometres (30 miles) long. Like Sonoma on its immediate west side,...
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February 09, 2011

Wine Carrier Bags

Are you making a plan to celebrate any occasion outside your home with your friends or colleagues and you all enjoy such moments with the presence of wine? If yes, then rushing the market and going through a wide collection of wine carrier bags can be a wise decision for you. One good thing is...
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February 08, 2011

Mexican Wine

First, a little history. Wine has been made in Mexico since the sixteenth century when the Spanish arrived, bringing European vines with them. Mexico is the oldest cultivation area in the Americas. Of course, grapes grew there before the Spanish arrived but the Spanish grapevines did especially...
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February 08, 2011

Choosing the Right Wine Glasses

Finding the right glasses entails six points of consideration: size, shape, design, weight, material and aesthetics.
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February 07, 2011

Tips For Enjoying Wine

While many people will find that there are a number of choices that they have for different wines including a variety of areas, such as California wine, they might not know that there are some factors to consider when they are enjoying wine. These tips are designed to help you maximize the...
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February 07, 2011

Top 10 Varietals for April, 2019

Pinot Noir is the most popular wine varietal chosen by our visitors this month.

This varies by season so if you're looking for something tasty to drink this spring, Pinot Noir is a great choice. The others are shown below:

1. Pinot Noir
2. Red Bordeaux Blend
3. Syrah
4. Nebbiolo
5. Cabernet Sauvignon
6. Merlot
7. Chardonnay
8. Red Blend
9. Sangiovese
10. Riesling

Top 10 Producers for April, 2019

Wines from Sapphire Hill were selected by our visitors the most this month, making them the most popular choice for consumers.

If you're looking for a wine suggestion, Sapphire Hill might be a great place to start. The others are shown below.

1. Sapphire Hill
2. Phelan Vineyard
3. Stephen Test
4. Ferdinand Pieroth
5. Adelsheim
6. Silver Oak
7. Louis Jadot
8. Viansa
9. Andrew Will
10. Bruno Giacosa